Outsourcing ID Cards May Not Be The Right Decision

Losing control over proprietary data was a very real problem for several healthcare plans that outsourced ID cards to the same popular vendor.  Cyber attackers accessed one of the vendor’s servers beginning as early as May 21 this year [Insurance Networking News; August 9, 2016].  All told, a dozen payers were affected by this breach; and as many as 3.3 million members’ data might have been accessed.

ID cards contain sensitive and fiercely protected member data; yet, payer organizations often outsource them due to challenges, like unique formatting requirements, production materials, and human resource limitations.

This ID card breach puts third party vendors back under the microscope; it also presents a solid rationale against outsourcing ID cards and other critical communications.

With the right technology, service, and support, adaptable payers can manage their own ID cards in-house.  Elixir helps payers do this with customized solutions using Tango+, our SaaS content management and customer communications management platform.

The ultimate goal is to free business teams to manage their own work, without over-dependence on IT or Elixir professional service.

Elixir’s client outsourced their ID cards with a large, ubiquitous vendor.  They came to Elixir because they had trouble making deadlines due to the methodology the vendor used to manage review cycles, changes, and updates.  Back and forth cycles took weeks; it turned out that the vendor was dependent on the same manual processes our client had previously employed in house.  On demand, accurate ID cards were still just a dream.

The turn-around time for change drastically decreased our client’s operational productivity, by impairing their account team’s ability to meet deadlines and to comply with regulatory agencies. The outsourcing strategy disrupted all-important enrollment seasons, the integral times to grow membership.  Tango+ automation eliminated the back and forth change management and review cycles with the outside vendor, decreasing the time it takes to complete review cycles from weeks to mere minutes.

Today, our healthcare payer client extends their ability to generate on demand member materials beyond their organization, and out into the field, where independent sales agents and brokers can offer prospective members the information they need to select the right plan.  Now, field agents can deliver accurate, personalized marketing and plan materials to members and prospects immediately, at the best touch point.

The on demand workflow lets our client deliver their materials, through their secure member portal, print and mail vendors, via mobile devices, or however they want to online 24/7.

About Tango+ and Elixir

Tango+ is designed to drive the entire lifecycle of member and plan materials and power digital initiatives to support online business.  Tango+ features all the inherent agility of SaaS and cloud technologies, along with scalable features and subscription pricing.

The Tango+ universally intuitive, simple to follow, uniquely configurable, and role-based interface gives non-technical users a distinct edge, which is integral for the business units that use and make decisions about technology.

IT is business and business is IT; Elixir engineered Tango+ to match pace with digital business-initiatives, with early adopter client partners in innovation.

Elixir creates standard and custom integrations with new and existing systems and business processes.  Our service at any cost work ethic has made Elixir a vendor of the choice for several large North American healthcare plan payer organizations.

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